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KUETEK is a technology company based on integrated solutions that offers, designs and implements software, hardware and services for the hospitality industry including software management systems, back-end services, IOT products and artificial intelligence, generating a dynamic and complete ecosystem.
In addition, KUETEK Service directly offers financing for the complete technological renovation in a single investment and with the flexibility of integrating with other existing tools. We believe in software as a service, without long term commitments or ties.

Capture and verify automatically your customer’s information

WiFi platform that captures, verifies, stores and direct communicates with the guest, developed with artificial intelligence

Capture and Structuring

BHive uses WIFI AP (Access Point) as a customer access portal, to capture their information, generating a stable structure for matching with the existing database for it’s subsequent use

Verification, matching

BHive uses proprietary algorithms to match and verify against the existing database the integrity of the extracted data in microseconds.


With dedicated servers, we can guarantee the quality data with maximum security, presenting the verified data from its users that the client can visualize through graphs in real time.


The BHive tool can be customized and with the client’s brand image.


The BHive tools allows for a direct real-time communication with its guest by using the verified captured data.

Open System

BHive’s open API structure allows, in a simple and transparent way, the integration and synchronization with other tools. BHive can be complemented with the Kuetek BSquad tool for a full comprehensive intelligent automated marketing solution.

Software as a Service

Honoring the software as a service philosophy BHive’s payment methodology is directly related to its use.

Multichannel marketing platform, designed to achieve and automatic, personalized and direct communication with the client.

Flexibility and customization

The BSquad algorithms, based on artificial intelligence and through a dynamic workflow, allow the automatic generation and distribution of a personalized message to the right person with the precise context at the optimal time.

Data Nurturing

BSquad connects to the customer databases or PMS and dynamically feeds or updates this data, taking customer actions as a reference


BSquad automatically verifies the actions and effectiveness of the campaigns

Campaign statistics

BSquad graphically presents the effectiveness of each campaign with verified quantifiable data.


BSquad uses high security data storage methodology and deploys a safe communication channel that links you with your guest.


BSquad is directly synchronized with BHive and takes advantage of the dynamic information in its data to maintain automated, efficient and direct communication with its users.

Open System

BSquad offers an open API that allows its integration with any third party toolset.

Software as a Service

Honoring the software as a service philosophy BSquad’s payment methodology is directly related to its use.

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